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White Diamond OG (AAA)

White Diamond OG (AAA)



White Diamond OG is an elusive strain that goes under many names, like White Diamonds or White D. As the name suggests, it’s a beautiful crystal-coated white nug, which stems from its lineage — a cross between The White and Space Queen.

It’s a mid-range potency, hitting roughly 20 percent THC at its highest. The high is both in the body and in mind, but never overpowering. Expect notes of herbs, flowers, and vanilla on the nose.


28, 3.5, 7


Mild flavour, potency, and density. Best for edibles, vaping, and extractions.


Bud may contain minor flaws but is suitable for smoking. Expect lower potency, milder flavour, and a harsher smoke.


A decent bud. Delivers a big flavour, and buds are visually beautiful.

(AAA plus)

A great bud. Ideal for smoking and vaping. Always delivers.


An outstanding bud, aka a quad. A big flavour profile, perfectly manicured and sparkling with trichomes.


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