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Wedding Cake Butter

Wedding Cake Butter



Wedding Cake is a memorable strain of weed commonly mimicked for vape pens and other extractions. Why? Because it has such a unique and delicious flavour profile. It tastes shockingly like white vanilla cake, with a sweet and sour underlayer. 

As a Butter, Wedding Cake packs a delicious punch. You should expect a bright orange-gold colour and a firm but creamy consistency. It’s delightfully easy to handle for dabs.




Wedding Cake


Budder (cannabis butter) is a thick, creamy concentrate with a consistency much like hard butter. It's malleable but not sticky like other concentrates, making it easier to work with for dabbing than others. Budder comes from a BHO extraction, with many of the desirable cannabinoids, terpenes and natural compounds remaining in the final product.


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