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Pegasus - Sativa

Pegasus - Sativa


Get lit with Litty Bites from Pegasus Edibles. Pegasus packs each gummy with a whopping 50 mg of THC, which means you’ll taste the bliss with each bite. For anyone who doses with edibles regularly, this is an incredible bang for your bud. Strawberry Cough Pegasus Gummies in Sativa offers an energizing and sociable edible experience.

Pegasus works with only the highest grade lab-tested cannabis extractions to ensure every gummy is pure, potent, and delivers on promises. If you find other gummies lacking in the THC department, Pegasus is the solution.


sugar, gelatin, adipic acid, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, natural and artificial flavour, fumaric acid, pure distillate cannabis oil, natural terpenes.


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