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Mota Hard Candy 125 mg

Mota Hard Candy 125 mg





Need a little dose of pain relief during the day? Mota’s THC-infused Hard Candies are precisely dosed with 12.5 mg of THC. A small dose of medicine to perfectly overcome the sharp edge of pain, migraine, or even cut stress. 

In both Root Beer and Watermelon, each bag of Mota Hard Candies contains 125 mg of THC and a total of 10 candies. The benefit of hard candy is the speed of onset for the effects. Absorbed through the mouth, the cannabinoids can take effect within 10 to 30 minutes, much faster than traditional edibles.


Rootbeer – Sativa, Watermelon – Hybrid


Sugar, corn syrup, cannabis, citric acid, artificial flavour and colour.


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