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Mary's Chocolate 300mg THC

Mary's Chocolate 300mg THC





Imagine breaking off a piece of decadent dark chocolate made from the finest ingredients after a stressful day at work. Now picture that with a 30 mg dose of THC to top it off for profound relief. That’s the promise of Mary’s Medibles Dark Chocolate Infused bars.

Few edibles offer the unique benefits of premium cacao combined with pure cannabinoids sourced from craft indica strains. Each bar contains 300 mg of THC, with ten servings per bar. A piece is more than enough to reduce chronic pain, stress and promote sleep. 

There are several delicious flavours available, including Espresso Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate with Vanilla.


Additional Information:


Each bar contains 300mg of THC / 7.41mg of CBD / 7.36mg of CBN


Recommended Usage: For experienced consumers, start with one gummy and allow 60 minutes or more for the effects to come on. For those new to edibles, begin with half a gummy and allow up to 90 minutes for the effects to come on. 

Ingredients: Premium Milk Chocolate, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Cannabis Indica



White Chocolate with Vanilla, Espresso Chocolate


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