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Do Si Dos (live resin)

Do Si Dos (live resin)



Do Si Dos is an indica dominant strain from OG Kush Breath lineage. It’s incredibly calming and leans into the relaxing indica vibes we’ve all come to love. It’s ideal for stress, anxiety, and pain.

Do Si Do Live Resin comes across with big notes of earthy, herbal, and sweet vanilla. The experience is a cerebral one, rather than in the body, and often described as in-your-face. Expect beautiful golden and creamy concentrate, with a sticky and slightly sugary consistency.




Do Si Dos

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate designed to pull out the flavour profile of the original plant material. Unlike other extraction techniques, live resin relies on flash-frozen fresh cannabis. Fresh plant material captures terpene content and preserves it within the extraction.


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