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Comatose (A)

Comatose (A)



Born from mysterious lineage, Comatose is a strongly indica-dominant strain producing magical cerebral effects. Over time this strain produces the classic couch-lock effects you’d expect from any indica, making it an excellent choice for fatigue, stress, and insomnia.

The first aroma to hit your nose from Comatose is tangy citrus, followed quickly by a pleasant sour pungency. Flavorwise, it’s much sweeter with hints of wood. Typically this strain reaches 25 to 27 percent THC.


28, 3.5, 7


Mild flavour, potency, and density. Best for edibles, vaping, and extractions.


Bud may contain minor flaws but is suitable for smoking. Expect lower potency, milder flavour, and a harsher smoke.


A decent bud. Delivers a big flavour, and buds are visually beautiful.

(AAA plus)

A great bud. Ideal for smoking and vaping. Always delivers.


An outstanding bud, aka a quad. A big flavour profile, perfectly manicured and sparkling with trichomes.


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